Big Ben has been accurately keeping time in London since 1859, except for a couple of instances.

In 1949, a flock of starlings landed on the minute hand, but there were so many of the them that they actually slowed down the clock by 5 minutes. Then in 1962, a particularly heavy pile of snow on the minute hand slowed it down by 10 minutes.

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Who Tried To Destroy Hammersmith Bridge?

Who’s Trying to Blow Up Hammersmith Bridge?

Hammersmith Bridge is one of the weakest bridges in London, but it is also one of the strongest in its ability to stand up to the many people who have – accidentally and purposefully – almost destroyed it since it was first built in 1827.

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Visit London’s Vibrant Chinatown

Visit London’s Vibrant Chinatown

London’s Chinatown is home to a fantastic array of Asian restaurants serving delicious food. The way they hang cooked poultry in the windows is reminiscent of what restaurants actually do in Hong Kong and China. Having lived in Hong Kong for 6 years, I love to check out the corner shops to snag some old favourite snacks.

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