Muriel’s Kitchen, Soho

Muriel’s Kitchen, Soho

Sometimes I’m super glad for business meetings in London, because on occasions they take place in lovely little restaurants like Muriel’s Kitchen on Old Compton Road. This beautifully decorated, light and airy restaurant immediately became a favourite as I stepped through the door, largely due to the swing-set table and chairs in the front which we slid on over to like a moth to a flame.

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Kidzania, Shephard’s Bush

Kidzania, Shephard’s Bush

Kidzania in Westfields Mall (Shephard’s Bush) is an oddly fantastic thing to do for both children and adults.

A city shrunk by 2/3, visitors have the opportunity to try out what it’s like to be a pilot, radio DJ, animation artist, policeman, nurse, weatherman, or any number of jobs usually reserved for grown ups.

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Bodean’s BBQ, Soho

Bodean’s BBQ, Soho

After a hard day’s work eating brownies near Liverpool Street and checking out the markets of Spitalfields, we ventured over to one of my favourite areas to eat.

With a name like Bodean’s BBQ, I just had to try out this restaurant. The recipes are based on the rubs and sauces that promise to deliver an authentic American BBQ taste to your lips.

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Drake & Morgan, King’s Cross

Drake & Morgan, King’s Cross

After a long day playing a tourist in the city with my parents, we wanted to catch a bite to eat while we waited for their train home from King’s Cross. A hop, skip and a jump away is Pancras Square where we espied Drake & Morgan.

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Tsujiri, Soho

Tsujiri, Soho

The sign above the door tells any passerby that Tsujiri was established in 1860. This traditional Japanese tea brand opened it’s ice cream store in Soho in April 2016 and appears to be increasingly popular with locals and tourists alike. My friend and I nipped in when she had a craving the strange green cold stuff.

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What 2017 holds for me and TLE

It’s been popular to say that 2016 was a horrendous year. On the public, political, and celebrity stage, almost undoubtedly so. And on a personal level, the first few months were desperately difficult as well. I was unhappy in England, unhappy in my relationship, and – here’s an admission I never thought I’d make – I was diagnosed with mild depression. Wowser.

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Expert Airport Tips

I have been on a fair few flights in my life, in fact I have several frequent flyer cards in my travel bag. This means I’ve accumulated a fair few travel tips and tricks I thought I would share to make your travel experience stress free!

Check out my Stress Free Flying Tips and Tricks video to see my other advice, and here are the ones I couldn’t fit in:

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