London’s Best Christmas Ice Rink

I’m making a bold claim – this year’s ice rink at Canary Wharf is London’s best for 2017.

I love the grandiose of Somerset House; its luminescent pink glow and phenomenal Fortnum & Mason Christmas tree. I love the setting of the NHM ice rink; surrounded by stunning architecture and cozy cabin lounge for mulled wine and hot chocolate.


But my right leg is dying by the end of the session. It’s the problem with square ice rinks, which end up being circles if you stay away from the edges. In a constant anti-clockwise flow, your right leg ends up doing most of the work to keep you moving around the circuitous route.

The best thing about Canary Wharf is the fact the rink is a long rectangle. For once, you get to take long equal strides forward and get up a good pace before you turn. The roof keeps off the rain (because England) and the lights beautifully light the ice. Especially the little off shoot path amongst twinkling trees, what an extra treat! I didn’t even notice it until halfway through the session.


The next best thing is that it’s out the way in Canary Wharf. Surrounded by glass skyscrapers and men/women in suits who are not very enthusiastic about strapping on a pair of skates, it wasn’t very busy and we had lots of room to maneuver.

Feeling a bit peckish at the end of the meal? There’s a Wahaca outside at one end (I’m not an avid fan of Wahaca but others seem to like it), and if you’ve got some spare time during the day then check out the mall nearby.

Prices are what you’d expect: 1 hour for about £15 for an adult/teen, £10 concessions/children. They do an early bird deal though where anyone can book the first slot of the day for £10 for 2 hours! If you can get up and get there, it’s a great deal.


Thank you very much to Sandy Makes Sense for inviting me along, she has a wonderful YouTube channel and beautiful Instagram.


Lofty Ambitions at High Ropes Course, Alexandra Palace

If you haven’t yet been to Go Ape, or you have and are looking for a new challenge, you may be interested in their newest site at Alexandra Palace. This 650m course features high platforms, zipwires, and an adrenaline-pumping drop in the form of the Tarzan Swing.

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Slide Down The Shard In Virtual Reality

One complaint I’ve often heard about going to the View from the Shard is that you pay a lot to go up for a view that doesn’t include the Shard in it – especially as you can nip across the river and up to the Sky Garden in 20 Fenchurch Street free for the same spectacular view.

Well, to combat that the folks at the View have opened a couple of VR rides to add that extra element of ‘risk’ to the business. The VR Slide was slated to be just for the summer, but while I was there filming we had the nod from them that it was probably going to be sticking around.

The positives?

They’re an extra something to do at the top, and are definitely fun. VR is still a novelty for us everyday folk.

The negatives?

Each VR experience that lasts approximately 3 minutes costs an additional £10 on top of the ticket price… wowza. If you’re going to do any of them, I’d suggest Vertigo rather than the Slide frankly, it’s a more immersive and heart-pounding experience.

Get your tickets from The View from the Shard’s website.

Harry Potter Fans Will Love House Of MinaLima

Harry Potter Fans Will Love House Of MinaLima

If you can’t get tickets to Harry Potter and the Cursed Child (the frustration is real), then you can always gaze longingly upon the Place Theatre where it’s playing. And when you’re bored of that, nip around the corner to 26 Greek Street, a building which will put you right at home in the wizarding universe with the narrows rooms and rickety stairwell. Continue reading “Harry Potter Fans Will Love House Of MinaLima”

Get Competitive @ Draughts Boardgame Cafe

What better way to cement friendships than by unanimously deciding on a board game, only to destroy them an hour later as you annihilate their position in the running? Sounds like a good afternoon to me.

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Walking Tour: City of London

The beauty of London is you can walk down a street and immediately be surrounded by history. Sometimes it’s obvious – a plaque on the wall, a date inscribed in stone, a famous building. And sometimes it isn’t – an unassuming blue door behind which a significant event in British history played out.

I have put together a walking tour of the City of London to hit some pretty impressive historical hot-spots.

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Top Nosh @ Noshville

Top Nosh @ Noshville, Granary Square

KERB has teamed up with the Maverick festival to give Londoners a taste of the good life with a celebration of American music and munchies in Granary Square near King’s Cross. Noshville is a fab one-off addition to London’s market and street food scene, with tasty treats to tickle the taste buds including New Orleans shrimp baskets from Hank’s, Ana Mae’s unusual Big Mac mac’n’cheese, and seriously delectable snickerdoodle donuts from Vicky’s Donuts.

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Budget-Friendly Bowling and Arcade

Budget-Friendly Bowling and Arcade in London

Bowling is a great way to spend a rainy day in London with friends and family, but it can be hella expensive with so-called “Boutique Bowling Alleys” hiking up the price of fun. However, you can still bag a bargain in 2017 at Rowans Tenpin Bowl in Finsbury Park. This is your classic bowling alley / bar / arcade combo and so can meet the needs of kids and adults alike.

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Hidden Gem London Bookshop

Hidden Gem London Bookshop

Daunt Books is the local treasure of Marylebone. Housed in an historic and beautiful Edwardian building, this bookshop seems to go on forever with oak galleries containing second-hand wonders and the shelves extending into the basement.

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Spend An Amazing Day In Walthamstow

How To Spend An Amazing Day In Walthamstow

Most people flock to the central Zones of London for something to do, but there is just as much fun to be had in the far reaches of Zone 9.

Did you know there was a Zone 9? Or did I just blow your mind?

Walthamstow is located in the North East of Greater London, the last stop on the Victoria Line. This is a very old town indeed, recorded in 1075 as Wilcumestowe (“the Place of Welcome”). Continue reading “Spend An Amazing Day In Walthamstow”

Cheap Things You’ll Actually Want To Do In London

Cheap Things You’ll ACTUALLY Want To Do In London

In 2015 I posted a video about my top things to do in London on the cheap, and it’s almost reached 50,000 views! This is super exciting, and I still stand beside everything I mentioned in the video as great suggestions of things to do. I categorised everything into 10 different things so I mentioned a lot of stuff!

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Kidzania, Shephard’s Bush

Kidzania, Shephard’s Bush

Kidzania in Westfields Mall (Shephard’s Bush) is an oddly fantastic thing to do for both children and adults.

A city shrunk by 2/3, visitors have the opportunity to try out what it’s like to be a pilot, radio DJ, animation artist, policeman, nurse, weatherman, or any number of jobs usually reserved for grown ups.

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