London’s Best Christmas Ice Rink

I’m making a bold claim – this year’s ice rink at Canary Wharf is London’s best for 2017.

I love the grandiose of Somerset House; its luminescent pink glow and phenomenal Fortnum & Mason Christmas tree. I love the setting of the NHM ice rink; surrounded by stunning architecture and cozy cabin lounge for mulled wine and hot chocolate.


But my right leg is dying by the end of the session. It’s the problem with square ice rinks, which end up being circles if you stay away from the edges. In a constant anti-clockwise flow, your right leg ends up doing most of the work to keep you moving around the circuitous route.

The best thing about Canary Wharf is the fact the rink is a long rectangle. For once, you get to take long equal strides forward and get up a good pace before you turn. The roof keeps off the rain (because England) and the lights beautifully light the ice. Especially the little off shoot path amongst twinkling trees, what an extra treat! I didn’t even notice it until halfway through the session.


The next best thing is that it’s out the way in Canary Wharf. Surrounded by glass skyscrapers and men/women in suits who are not very enthusiastic about strapping on a pair of skates, it wasn’t very busy and we had lots of room to maneuver.

Feeling a bit peckish at the end of the meal? There’s a Wahaca outside at one end (I’m not an avid fan of Wahaca but others seem to like it), and if you’ve got some spare time during the day then check out the mall nearby.

Prices are what you’d expect: 1 hour for about £15 for an adult/teen, £10 concessions/children. They do an early bird deal though where anyone can book the first slot of the day for £10 for 2 hours! If you can get up and get there, it’s a great deal.


Thank you very much to Sandy Makes Sense for inviting me along, she has a wonderful YouTube channel and beautiful Instagram.


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