Home Cooked Goodness @ The Book Club, Shoreditch

How Shoreditch does this Shoreditch restaurant look? When I met a friend for lunch, immediately thought “if I had a laptop that lasted more than an hour on its own battery I’d be working here in a heartbeat”. As it is, I can instead enjoy their delicious home cooked favourites like this uber tasty lasagna with pesto and a side salad.

Now that I work in the Shoreditch area (for the moment), I am obsessed with finding new hot-spots that I can give as recommendations. I never used to need to come to this area of London, seeing as I live on the opposite side and it takes a long while to get home, but now I’m making full use of my time there.

It’s a light and airy restaurant with mismatched chairs and tables, and the lasagna was seriously scrummy, and tasted comforting as opposed to pretentious (something I do come across in the area fairly often). But don’t let the chilled atmosphere fool you, at night the place turns into a club night where it’s party central till the early hours.

The Book Club, Shoreditch

Open 7 days a week
Monday 9am – 12am
Tuesday 9am – 12am
Wednesday 9am – 12am
Thursday 9am – 2am
Friday 9am – 2am
Saturday 10am – 2am
Sunday 10am – 12am

Book Club

Book Club 2
Image Credit: The Book Club



1 thought on “Home Cooked Goodness @ The Book Club, Shoreditch

  1. There’s a bunch of great restaurants I never got to whilst in London https://travellingmywaythroughfood.wordpress.com/2017/11/13/my-london-restaurant-list-not-eaten/ if you need some inspiration!


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