Get Competitive @ Draughts Boardgame Cafe

What better way to cement friendships than by unanimously deciding on a board game, only to destroy them an hour later as you annihilate their position in the running? Sounds like a good afternoon to me.

Draughts Board Game Cafe in Hackney is an open plan cave of treasures under the arch of an old railway line. It’s £5 to rock up and sit down for your gaming session, and then you’re good to. There are hundreds of games to play of all types, indeed they’re split up into categories so you can head for your favourite or try something new.

If you’re not sure what to choose, or get stuck with the rules of the game, board game gurus are on hand to help and we definitely needed their help to see us to the end of our game.

They serve a short menu in case you get peckish, or a range of alcoholic and non-aloholic beverages if you’re thirsty. However I found them to be a little more expensive than I was expecting considering your main focus is gong to be on the game, not the food. Considering you could be taking up a table for 3 hours or more, I suppose it makes sense that they would need to charge a little extra.

We turned up around 6pm on a weekday and tables were pretty free until about 8pm when suddenly they were all gone, so it’s probably not a late night last minute decision to make. But absolutely well worth the trip to East London.

Check out Draughts’ website!

Open 7 days a week
10am-11pm most days
£5 per gaming session + food and drink.

Draughts 1Draughts 6Draughts 2Draughts 4Draughts 3Draughts 5


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