Walking Tour: City of London

The beauty of London is you can walk down a street and immediately be surrounded by history. Sometimes it’s obvious – a plaque on the wall, a date inscribed in stone, a famous building. And sometimes it isn’t – an unassuming blue door behind which a significant event in British history played out.

I have put together a walking tour of the City of London to hit some pretty impressive historical hot-spots.

I shall be putting together materials so that you can download a map and information cards if you’d like to do this walking tour yourself, with friends, or with family. In the meantime, enjoy the tour in video format and be amazed at what a tiny portion of London has to offer.

The video below is from my YouTube channel That London Life. Have a look if you enjoy restaurant suggestions, walking tours, history videos and experience vlogs.


2 thoughts on “Walking Tour: City of London

  1. I was born in London, but you have taught me so much about my beloved City. Thank you so much. Now I am looking forward to watching more Videos from you. Just a tip for you, If the Monument was laid down it would reach Pudding Lane. I think that is right. I worked in the City towards the end of the War, and used St Pauls as a Shelter, the American African Americans use to play Jazz down in the Crypt to cheer us up. I was 15 at the time.
    Also you might check out the Plaque on the Stairway in what is now the TOP SHOP on the corner of OXFORD CIRCUS, for the name of Glenn Miller, he and the Band played there during a Raid. It ay not be there now, as it was another Shop way back then. And Wellington House at Hyde Park is known as (No 1 London.) I have been in Sydney Australia for 50 years, but have been back se eral times, each time leaving a little it of my heart. From Beryl


    1. Hi Beryl, Thanks for sending this lovely message (it’s taken me a while to realise it was here, sorry about that!). Your story about St Paul’s is amazing, especially as last month I went into St Paul’s for the first time as they had some summer Late open evenings and we went down into the crypt. I’ll definitely go and hunt out that plaque. And a long while ago I toured Wellington House with some out of town friends and it’s been one of my highlights, thanks for reminding me about it – I’m sure I can add it into a video somewhere. I hope Sydney is treating you well, I lived there in 2012 and it was one of the best times of my life. Eleana x


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