Visit London’s Vibrant Chinatown

Visit London’s Vibrant Chinatown

London’s Chinatown is home to a fantastic array of Asian restaurants serving delicious food. The way they hang cooked poultry in the windows is reminiscent of what restaurants actually do in Hong Kong and China. Having lived in Hong Kong for 6 years, I love to check out the corner shops to snag some old favourite snacks.

Definitely check out the Chinese bakeries and their sweet and savoury treats. Grabbing a tray, and some tongs, and having a browse at the exciting pastries is a great way to whet your appetite.

One of my favourite restaurants in Chinatown is actually Japanese. Tokyo Diner is a cute little restaurant – and when I say little, I mean little. If you hit the main meal times you might be standing in a queue, so consider visiting at what I consider “off-peak” times if you just want to walk in and get a table (e.g. 5/5:30pm instead of 6/7pm!). I love the traditional sliding door to get in, an their udon noodles and katsu curries are divine.

Want to hear how Chinatown came to be in London? I made a short video about its history on my YouTube Channel, That London Life.


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