Cheap Things You’ll Actually Want To Do In London

Cheap Things You’ll ACTUALLY Want To Do In London

In 2015 I posted a video about my top things to do in London on the cheap, and it’s almost reached 50,000 views! This is super exciting, and I still stand beside everything I mentioned in the video as great suggestions of things to do. I categorised everything into 10 different things so I mentioned a lot of stuff!

As I was living in America at the time of making this video, I had to rely on old photos and memories to make it (I called South Bank “The Boardwalk”, erk!). Now I am once again living in London I’m going to be updating my suggestions and making a prettier video, but if you’d like to watch the original you can do so below.

And if you’d like links to everything I mentioned, they’re below this video.


Natural History Museum –
The Monument to the Great Fire of London –
Harry Potter Sites in London –
Shakespeare’s Globe –
Sherlock Holmes Sites in London –
Abbey Road Crossing – (watch other people cross!)
Portobello Road Market –
Borough Market –
Covent Garden –
Camden Market –
Harrods –
The Nell Gwynne Pub –
The Porterhouse Pub –
Leicester Square Box Office –
South Bank (not the boardwalk lol) –
Buckingham Palace
Trafalgar Square
Big Ben
What’s Going On In London –
2-For-1 Tickets –


1 thought on “Cheap Things You’ll Actually Want To Do In London

  1. That’s a good list. We’d sure check them out!


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