My blog supports my YouTube channel That London Life, my pride and joy for over a year. My speciality is historical walking tours and fun London events


MeEleana is a twenty-something woman working part-time on YouTube and living full-time in London. She is utterly passionate about creativity, travel and community.

Having covertly watched YouTube during lectures/at work for 10 years, 5 years ago she decided to start her own channel when struggling with public speaking while working with international students at the University of Mississippi, but moving back to the UK in 2015 was when things really started accelerating.

After dabbling in almost everything on her YouTube channel (formerly known as The Little Easy), Eleana has focused her content on That London Life showing the great and good of what the capital city has to offer in the form of reviews and recommendations, history videos and experience vlogs.

Eleana also founded the community London Small YouTubers (LSY), which has become a huge part of her life, and other people’s lives too with 7 additional admin staff and almost 700 members. LSY have been invited to host and speak on panels at MCM Comic Con, Summer In The City, and VidconUS.


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