Lofty Ambitions at High Ropes Course, Alexandra Palace

If you haven’t yet been to Go Ape, or you have and are looking for a new challenge, you may be interested in their newest site at Alexandra Palace. This 650m course features high platforms, zipwires, and an adrenaline-pumping drop in the form of the Tarzan Swing.

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Instagramable Ice Cream Tour

Although the days are getting colder here in London we’ve been lucky to have a few sporadically warmer and sunnier days, so it’s not too late to nab yourself one of these ice creams I featured in my latest video. In fact, I’m heading back to the last place this weekend! Have a look for yourself and let me know if you try any. Continue reading “Instagramable Ice Cream Tour”

Slide Down The Shard In Virtual Reality

One complaint I’ve often heard about going to the View from the Shard is that you pay a lot to go up for a view that doesn’t include the Shard in it – especially as you can nip across the river and up to the Sky Garden in 20 Fenchurch Street free for the same spectacular view.

Well, to combat that the folks at the View have opened a couple of VR rides to add that extra element of ‘risk’ to the business. The VR Slide was slated to be just for the summer, but while I was there filming we had the nod from them that it was probably going to be sticking around.

The positives?

They’re an extra something to do at the top, and are definitely fun. VR is still a novelty for us everyday folk.

The negatives?

Each VR experience that lasts approximately 3 minutes costs an additional £10 on top of the ticket price… wowza. If you’re going to do any of them, I’d suggest Vertigo rather than the Slide frankly, it’s a more immersive and heart-pounding experience.

Get your tickets from The View from the Shard’s website.

The Camera Saga of 2017

In the midst of filming a video about ice cream fads in London, I did the unthinkable. I dropped my camera.

I drop things all the time; I’m pretty terrible with my phone which has so far proved impressively resilient, and I had dropped my Canon G7x before on a few occasions. I’m pretty sure I dropped and chipped the edge of the screen the first week I had it. But this time when it landed on the cold, hard pavement… it was a death sentence.

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The Best Roast In London @ The Union Bar

To say that something is the best when there are so many restaurants in London I have yet to try is a risk, but it’s one I’m going to take with the roast lunch from The Union Bar in Paddington. If you get to the end of this post and haven’t already made a reservation, I’ll have failed in my task to get you to visit.

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Home Cooked Goodness @ The Book Club, Shoreditch

How Shoreditch does this Shoreditch restaurant look? When I met a friend for lunch, immediately thought “if I had a laptop that lasted more than an hour on its own battery I’d be working here in a heartbeat”. As it is, I can instead enjoy their delicious home cooked favourites like this uber tasty lasagna with pesto and a side salad.

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Christmas in July, Crowne Plaza Hotel

I’ve discovered something about London which I’m thrilled about, and is right up my street. Apparently, there’s this thing called ‘Christmas in July’ where various places – mainly hotels – put on Christmas exhibitions and get the media in to see what they’re planning for December. The Crowne Plaza Hotel invited me along and to be honest, I was wowed by the hotel before I even got the Christmas part.

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3 Absurdly Good American Restaurants in London

I loved American food before I even lived in America, and my time spent there only succeeded in furthering my obsession for top notch American cuisine – but at a reasonable price. If you’re looking for meaty burgers or dressed up hot dogs, look no further than my three choices below.

All located in central London, they’re super convenient and won’t break the bank either.

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Walking Tour: City of London

The beauty of London is you can walk down a street and immediately be surrounded by history. Sometimes it’s obvious – a plaque on the wall, a date inscribed in stone, a famous building. And sometimes it isn’t – an unassuming blue door behind which a significant event in British history played out.

I have put together a walking tour of the City of London to hit some pretty impressive historical hot-spots.

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Tasty Tapas @ The Bird In Hand, Kensington

Tasty Tapas @ The Bird In Hand, Kensington

Finding a great restaurant on a random road in London always feels like you’ve discovered something that the locals have been keeping a secret. That’s definitely the case with The Bird In Hand on Masbro Road. Inside this refurbished old pub is a modern chic restaurant serving little plates of tapas and pizzas.

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Budget-Friendly Bowling and Arcade

Budget-Friendly Bowling and Arcade in London

Bowling is a great way to spend a rainy day in London with friends and family, but it can be hella expensive with so-called “Boutique Bowling Alleys” hiking up the price of fun. However, you can still bag a bargain in 2017 at Rowans Tenpin Bowl in Finsbury Park. This is your classic bowling alley / bar / arcade combo and so can meet the needs of kids and adults alike.

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